The launch of a “Omega Code”.

I have not been in touch with you for a while. I’m Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi.

I feel that writing blogs and outside announce themselves for the first time in a long while.

How is everyone doing?

I decided to move to this blog from code:x. The reason is that it is hard for me to customize old blog system and many time I wrote style sheet directly to tags for styling.

Recently, I had avoided doing various things not only in blogs but also in technical areas and tables. But sometimes I thought I wanna write the memo about techs. Maybe I guess it is an efficient way. Because now I restart this new blog.

I haven’t prepared an article yet, but I think that it is being added on from now.

I made the list for this blog’s target.

  • About C# and Unity
  • About Movie and Desing using Adobe Products
  • About JavaScript / TypeScript / Sencha
  • About Server and  Networks
  • Daily and more