The launch of a “Omega Code”.

I have not been in touch with you for a while. I’m Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi.

I feel that writing blogs and outside announce themselves for the first time in a long while.

How is everyone doing?

I decided to move to this blog from code:x. The reason is that it is hard for me to customize old blog system and many time I wrote style sheet directly to tags for styling.

Recently, I had avoided doing various things not only in blogs but also in technical areas and tables. But sometimes I thought I wanna write the memo about techs. Maybe I guess it is an efficient way. Because now I restart this new blog.

I haven’t prepared an article yet, but I think that it is being added on from now.

I made the list for this blog’s target.

  • About C# and Unity
  • About Movie and Desing using Adobe Products
  • About JavaScript / TypeScript / Sencha
  • About Server and  Networks
  • Daily and more

About C# and Unity

In 2016 Apr, I was writing mostly unity using C#. Before that, I was writing native apps using swift and java. But now almost most all C# works.

Speaking of Unity, It is C# in most cases that we use. I will write about language specs and unity assets and bugs depend on a certain Unity version and deploy and inspection for apple and google.

About Movie and Desing using Adobe Products

Mostly I will write about movie edit. Editing using Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects and Trapcode plugins. I’m studying now, but I would like to write about design articles.

About JavaScript / TypeScript / Sencha

I sometimes keep writing JavaScript, but not only JavaScript. I began using Unity maybe I guess there is an impact.

However, I also began using TypeScript. And I will continue to write Sencha tech articles.

About Server and  Networks

In old times, my boss said: “Master the development environment, you will master the programs.”. But that time I could not understand the meaning at the time. Recently, I understood the meanings.

When development, about the necessary knowledge such as local environment, production environment, deploy, tests, I would like to write that articles.

Daily and more

Mostly, I’m using Twitter, but recently I guess I would like to write to blog about techs. Recently, I continue running Xenophy and Xenophy Entertainment. And I got a lot of experience with people from different industries.

I intend to make blog English as much as possible. That is English translation training for me. When you have time, please find miss points.  Maybe you will feel low level about English translation.

Finally, I make Youtube channel. This is because it conveys the content that it is difficult to tell by an animation in Animation GIF. For example, Edit moves. and I wanna make lecture moves.


I have a lot of people who do not meet for a while. Honestly, The meaning that I write the blog is tech share for my friends and staffs. But same time, I hope that will help your problem. I almost set up necessary functions in this blog. I set up WebPush, please subscribe it!

Maybe In 2017, I will start evangelist for the new product. also, I will speak about the new product in front of you.

I am hoping to receive your kind cooperation.